My Tarot Philosophy

Tarot is a mirror that helps us see what energies are present in our lives and ourselves. The cards reveal to us the possible effect of these energies on our outlook and our choices. The evocative nature of Tarot images allows us to bypass the rational part of our mind and tap into our deepest and most intuitive knowledge. Tarot opens the door to a world of wisdom that we often overlook in the business of everyday lives.

Tarot is a tool for translating ideas we do not always have language for. When we actively understand these ideas we seek, find, learn, reveal and discover truths about ourselves and our world that we may have struggled to see before. Tarot is a potent tool for manifestation, putting subconscious thoughts into words and giving us the clarity and support we need to make our desires real.

How I use Tarot to encourage you

In my practice, I use the Tarot as a way to acquire knowledge that empowers people and assists them in making choices for their highest good. Tarot is a powerful method of self-discovery. Personally, it has given me encouragement, helped erase fear and doubt, served as a wellspring for creativity and artistic pursuits. Tarot has helped me trust in my own inner knowings and called me out when I was not living up to my full potential.

For me Tarot is the most effective self-help method l have ever used. Knowing that is not an infallible predictive device but a guide along the path is a comfort. We have free will to change our path at any time. The cards will help us do that. When used responsibly and with a spirit of gentle curiosity Tarot can give us what we need know to better ourselves and  manifest the life we dream of. 

Get a Tarot Reading

I am available to read in-person in the southeastern and Triangle area of North Carolina and remotely through Skype or email.

I also offer readings at parties and special events. 

I am currently available for readings.  

My price range is from $25-$100 and readings can be tailored to fit your needs and budget. I am very passionate about offering tarot to all who need it. If the investment is a concern please do not hesitate to contact me and I will find a way to accommodate you.

Please contact me at for reading inquiries.

I look forward to reading for you. Please click here for disclaimers.