Tarot reading services are for entertainment purposes only.

The information obtained from the reading is no substitute for medical, financial, legal or psychological expertise or service. If you require assistance in those areas it is best to consult a qualified provider.

As your reader and provider of entertainment services I accept no legal liability or responsibility for client decisions made subsequent to or based on information obtained from the reading.

By requesting a reading you are confirming that you accept and understand these terms and that you are at least 18 years of age.

A Note on Counseling/Psychological Services:

Although I am a mental health professional a reading with me is not considered a professional counseling session or service. I keep my counseling practice and tarot services separate.

I am however bound by the ethics of my profession and have a duty to warn and duty to report. If I believe that you are going to harm yourself or others I am legally and ethically required to report this to the proper authorities.

If you feel you need counseling services due to issues brought up in a reading I am happy to provide you with referrals and resources so that you may get the help you desire. I do not offer professional counseling services within the context of tarot readings. Thank you for understanding.